Processes Modelled

High Pressure Die Casting

Low Pressure / CounterPressure

Gravity Casting

Tilt Pour

Vacuum Casting

SemiSolid Metal Casting



Technical Capabilities

Transient 3-D Navier Stokes Solver

Fast Steady State Navier Stokes Solver

Conjugate Heat Transfer w/ Latent Heat

Advanced Rheological Models

VOF Free Surface Models

Arbitrary Euler Lagrange Mesh Motion

A Variety of Boundary Conditions

(including internal boundary layers)

Uses Commercial Pre- and Post-Processors

GL based Pre / Postprocessor Included

Contact: Flow Logic

Telephone: (248) 350-8785


WRAFTS is a computer simulation program which models transient fluid flow. The finite element method is used for compatibility with structural design analysis.

WRAFTS has an excellent reputation for accurate and efficient simulations of mold filling transients. These provide valuable insight into foundry metal casting operations.

Using WRAFTS, foundry process engineers can evaluate a wide variety of process parameters, ranging from gating design to inlet flowrates, sand permeability and vent locations. These can be varied to optimize productivity, improve product quality and reduce scrap.


(Weighted Residual Analysis of Flow Transients)